Sunday June 24, 2018

Bus transportation


Line 51
Start bus stop: Katowice Rynek
(Direction: Ligota Akademiki)
Final bus stop: Katowice Komenda Policji
Line 600
Start bus stop: Katowice Rynek
(Direction: Klinika Okulistyczna)
Final bus stop: Katowice Komenda Policji
Linia 900
Start bus stop: Katowice Plac Wolności
(Direction: Muchowiec Pętla)
Final bus stop: Katowice Komenda Policji

Bus Stop Katowice Komenda Policji is located approximately 400 meters from the Hotel (4 minutes)
Tips for walking from the bus stop Katowice Komenda Policji do Hotelu Silesian:

  1. After leaving the bus, please turn to the left under the bridge.
  2. The nearest pedestrian crossing to cross the street.
  3. Turn left heading for the City Council or the Office Building: Francuska 70.
  4. Follow the road straight ahead past the office building and residential building on the left.
  5. At the end of the road turn right, opposite the hotel's building is visible.


Arrival address:


Quality Silesian Hotel
ul. Szybowcowa 1A, 40-502 Katowice,
GPS: al. Górnośląska 40 - through BP Petrol Station


When analysing the access to transport, it should be remembered that the road infrastructure is largely influenced by the fact that Poland is situated in a transit zone. Particularly privileged are regions crossed by the Pan-European transport corridors, in some way guaranteeing the development of motorways. Silesia is one of such regions, being crossed by two out of ten Trans-European routes, namely corridor No. 3 (Berlin - Wrocław - Katowice - Kraków - Lvov) and corridor No. 6 (Gdańsk - Katowice - Żylina).

FISU WUC World University Championship Chess 2014 Katowice Poland

The Silesian Voivodeship is recognised as an area with very good access to transport, not only thanks to the main routes, but also because of the high concentration of road infrastructure. The region has well-developed urban transport network, with 362 km of streetcar lines. A crucial role in the communication structure of the Silesian Voivodeship is played by the Upper Silesian Voivodeship.


It is the crossing point of the A-4 highway and the Cross-town Road Route (Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa, DTŚ). Total traffic volumes in this direction are likely to reach in the near future around 150,000 vehicles per 24 hours. The routes have different functions - the highway is used for long-distance traffic, whereas DTŚ operates mainly local traffic and is to play the role of an inter-city route (it is called a "city highway")


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